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9. Viewfinder

From Viewfinder,  2022
Simultaneously minimizing and expanding, the viewfinder provides an overlooked path of sight. Transforming a setting meant to shrink us, we capture details taken out of context. Within this framework, we focus on the small and unfamiliar. 

This bond lends us to sight.  

Viewfinder is a collaborative publication made to document the experiences of VCU graphic design students while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. 

Special thanks to Christina Sande and Nicole Killian. 

Contributors: Mario Casado, Erin Crawford, Ivania Del Cid-Orellana, Amber Ekizoglu, Amanda Grate, Jane Han, Natalie Iman, Nhan La, Jaya Matteis, Anya McKee, Fiona McMichael, Michael O'Connell, Emmie Osuyah, Ella Provo, Christina Sande, Maddie Scharf, Kate Sirpis, and Julia Spewak

28 pages
14 x 19.5  inches
Printed on newsprint by Newspaper Club, summer 2022

Photos: Erin Crawford