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4. The Alternative Archive of Small

            From The Alternative Archive Small,  2022

The Alternative Archive of Small is a body of work that emerged through questioning my beliefs about the status quo of work, productivity, and self-value. This resulted in a series of interconnected objects and printed matter—each expanding upon a preceding idea or work in The Archive. Throughout this process, I explored multiple modes of making—writing, painting, printmaking, performance, photography, and design. When viewed collectively, they emphasize the significance of a process-as-final oriented design practice.

The Archive employs diverse approaches to examine the intersections of time, rest, and work. By juxtaposing the production speeds of different mediums used—such as the slow-drying nature of oil painting versus the rapid production of multitudes via riso-printing—I meditate on the labor and time it takes to produce work. Conjunctionally, I question the blurry boundaries between work and rest in late-stage capitalistic society by documenting works of The Archive in spaces of rest.

Through embracing a slow and multiplicious practice, I am empowered to create work that feels intimate, restorative, and imaginative amidst a world that is frequently overwhelming, restless, and routine.

Featured in STRAINING THE LETTERS INTO NOISE, a digital publication co-published by the Center for Liberatory Practice & Poetry and Virginia Commonwealth University's Department of Graphic Design in December 2022. 

Typefaces: Spectral by Jean-Baptiste Levee
Dimensions variable 
Oil on canvas 
Risograph prints on cardstock 
Metal binder rings

Photos: Erin Crawford