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Last updated: May 2024

5. Mycelic Space

            From Mycelic Space,  2023

Mycelic Space is a curatorial concept and visual identity developed for the 2023 VCUarts Graphic Design Senior Exhibition. The show employs the concept of mycelium as a metaphor for the hidden but growing relationships between students’ emerging design practices. 

Environmentally, mycelium is vital to all ecosystems as it regenerates soil and provides entire species with necessary nutrients. Similarly, the connections students build and the ongoing conversations they have with one another surmise the vital foundation for their creative practices.

This concept of interconnectivity and expansiveness derived from the nature of mycelium guided the four nodes of the 2023 VCUarts Graphic Design show: installation, catalog, website, and identity.

Concept collaboratively developed and produced with the 2023 VCUarts graphic design senior class under the guidance of Ayham Ghraowi, Lauren Thorson, Jamie Mahoney, and David Shields. 

Curatorial concept co-lead
Installation project co-manager

Photos: Raymond Lui, Erin Crawford